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At GS2, we understand that businesses alone do not create change. It is the individuals within them who drive transformative impact.

By gaining a thorough understanding of your company’s requirements we are dedicated to finding the executive talent that your business needs. Understanding the focus area, role analysis, personality and cultural fit as well as team dynamics are all important in finding the right individual to effectively lead within your organisation.

All of the above results in unparalleled success

100% of our executive searches are delivered and with a 12-month free replacement period, you can be sure your investment will deliver long-term results.

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Working with GS2 to recruit our Sustainability Lead - Development was a completely different experience to any recruitment I had done in the past. I had already seen a successful outcome of this approach when they recruited on behalf of the Better Buildings Partnership. What you get with GS2 is a very personal approach - they genuinely care that they are providing the right candidate and the right solution, and they manage expectations well.


Janine Cole,
Social Impact and Sustainability Director
Janine Cole
Sarah Ratcliffe
Simon Tranter
Hannah Leggatt
Paul Clark